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What we do

Horizon IT do not provide bulk hosting to thousands of customers, we provide tailored hosting solutions to support our customer’s business needs.

We provide a range of hosting services from basic personal domains to very large businesses solutions. Online databases include MySQL and SQL Server.

We provide the following general hosting packages:

Enhance Managed Hosting Package

Targeted at business customers who need more powerful web solutions and includes integration into Google Applications (Standard Edition). Enhanced Hosting performs excellently with mobile email solutions such as Blackberry, iPhone and Windows phones. The web site is not subject to bandwidth transfer limitations.

Standard Hosting Package

For business customers, hosted on performance web space, and we supply email hosting using standard 20MB mailboxes, suitable for customers downloading emails to their computers. No SMTP server is supplied with this package, your ISP’s SMTP server should be used. The web site is not subject to bandwidth transfer limitations.

Personal Domains

 Web space and emails for personal, non-business use. The web site is subject to bandwidth transfer limitations of 10GB per month, if the limit is exceeded the data transfer rate will be reduced. Although we have these standard packages, we can tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Here are some of the sites we host

Contact us

PHONE NUMBER:  +44 (0)1332 947465

EMAIL ADDRESS: info@horizon-it.co.uk

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