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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

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What cookies are used on this site.

Cookies are used on this web site for session management and site performance analysis by Google Analytics.

We do not store personal data in these cookies, although Google Analytics will have some sort of tracking ID, that Horizon IT do not access.

General Data Protection

At Horizon the following basic policies are in place:

  • Any data collected is appropriate and access to data requires Data Controller authorisation
  • Personal data is not transmitted to third parties.
  • No direct marketing will take place, unless the data subject has explicitly signed up for our Mail Chimp newsletter.
  • We do directly email customer regarding, service information, virus warnings, general system statuses, etc.
    These are not marketing emails, but targetted to keep customers informed.
  • Horizon IT’s web hosting servers are all based in the UK and subject to UK & EU data projection laws.
  • As a hosting provider Horizon IT is deemed a Data Processor, it is the responsibility of the customer’s Data Controller to ensure that files and data stored on their hosting space complies with GDPR requirements.


Horizon IT’s Data Protection Policy

Horizon IT’s Data Protection policy can be downloaded in PDF format, using the link on right.

In the majority of our business services Horizon IT acts as a Data Processor on behalf of our customer’s Data Controllers.

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